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Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Is not it a “double standard” ?

This is one of the highlights of...

Sucaad Camriye: Sababta aan u doonayo in Somaliland magaca laga badelo

~ Sucaad Yuusuf Odowaa (Sucaad Carmiye), waa...

Duqa Caasimadda oo la kulmay Guddi Hoosaadka Golaha Wakiilada

Guddoomiyaha caasmimadda Hargeysa mudane CKariim Axmed Mooge...


Taiwan’s CPC expects to start oil exploration in Somaliland as early as 2023

Taiwan's state-owned oil supplier, is expected to start oil exploration in Somaliland in 2023 at the earliest after signing a deal to take a...

On the Horn of Africa, a tiny ‘country’ has Congress’ ear

By PHELIM KINE As China floods Africa with billions of dollars in development aid, massive infrastructure investment and even talk of a new military base,...

Genel Energy PLC Signs Farm Out Agreement With OSC Over Somaliland Oil Block

Genel Energy PLC on Monday has announced it has signed a farm-out agreement relating to Somaliland’s SL10B13 block, with OPIC Somaliland Corporation (‘OSC’), with all...

Waa Suurtogal In Sanadka Soo Socda Maraykanku Uu Somaliland U Aqoonsado Dal Madax Banaan

~waxa suurto-gal ah inay Somaliland ka mid noqoto dalalka ugu horeeya ee sanadka cusub ee 2022 uu Maraykanku u Aqoonsanayo Dal ka mid ah...

“Global backing for democratic Taiwan has been on the rise” Taiwan Foreign Minister said

The government is fully committed to defending Taiwan without relying on other countries, according to Foreign Minister Jaushieh Joseph Wu. Despite constant military coercion from...


Delegation of United States Congressional Staff concluded their visit to the Republic of Somaliland in which they arrived last Monday December 13, 2021, in...

“Qadiyada Weftiga Maraykanka ee Jamhuuriyadda Somaliland soo booqday” Cali Grey, Khabiir ka faalooda siyaasadda Geeska

~ XIDHIIDHKA CUSUB EE SOMALILAND IYO DALKA MARAYKANKA ~ In kasta oo aanu gaadhin heer la odhan karo dagaal qabow hadana waxa jira dagaal jiyo-siyaasi...

Somaliland signs MoU with Chennai hospital

~ The Republic of Somaliland signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with a city hospital to help residents of Somaliland access medical facilities in...

Insurance Technology Cusub oo ay hirgelisay Jihan Abass

Lami Insurance Technology waa hindisihii innan u dhalatay dalkaasi Kenya oo lagu magacaabo Jihan Abass. Taasoo ka caawineysa ganacsata inay sameeyaan qaab caymis ah...

UK calls for world to be ‘climate resilient’ by 2030

~ UK calls for world to be ‘climate resilient’ by 2030 as COP26 delivers billions for most vulnerable ~ The UK will call for urgent...

Welsh Parlaiment “Congratulations to the people of Somaliland on 2021 elections”

OPIN-2021-0229 (e)Tabled on 04/11/2021 This Senedd: 1. Welcomes and congratulates the people of Somaliland and their government for the successful conduct of the parliamentary and local government...

Somaliland’s Berbera Airport now Open for Civilian Use

~ Regular scheduled civilian passenger flights can now fly to Somaliland via the newly rebuilt Berbera International Airport, with the airport reopening marking another...

Somaliland woman architect makes waves in male-dominated industry

(ERGO) – When Hibaq Mohamed Elmi visits construction sites in the northern Somaliland city of Berbera, she is often mistaken for someone interested in...

Taiwan donates medical supplies to Somaliland

~ Surgical masks, isolation gowns to help East African country fight pandemic TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taiwan has donated medical supplies to Somaliland to help...

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