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Monday, January 24, 2022

5 Takeaways From the COP26 Climate Summit

Uncategorized5 Takeaways From the COP26 Climate Summit

1.Time for action is running out.
The major agreement struck by diplomats established a clear consensus that all nations need to do much more, immediately, to prevent a catastrophic rise in global temperatures.

2. How much each nation needs to cut remains unresolved.
Rich countries are disproportionately responsible for global warming, but some leaders have insisted that it’s the poorer nations who need to accelerate their shift away from fossil fuels.

3. The call for disaster aid increased.
One of the biggest fights at the summit revolved around whether — and how — the world’s wealthiest nations should compensate poorer nations for the damage caused by rising temperatures.

 4. A surprising emissions-cutting agreement.
Among the other notable deals to come out of the summit was a U.S.-China agreement to do more to cut emissions this decade, and China committed for the first time to develop a plan to reduce methane.

5. There was a clear gender and generation gap.
Those with the power to make decisions about how much the world warms were mostly old and male. Those who were most fiercely protesting the pace of action were mostly young and female.

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